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About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide objective and comprehensive financial advice.  We support our clients' financial goals by helping them make thoughtful and informed decisions tailored to their objectives. 

The foundation of our service offering is comprised of three fundamental tenets which we bring to every relationship: 

  • Be reliable, responsive and trustworthy

  • Listen first, then advise

  • Serve as a trusted partner for the long-term

This has been our mission since day one.

Our Experience

We bring a comprehensive set of skills and experiences to the wealth management business developed over multiple decades of cumulative work history and education.

Our combined experience includes:

  • Personal financial planning

  • Institutional investment advisory consulting

  • Financial analysis and modeling

  • Strategic tax planning

  • Actuarial modeling and consulting

In addition to our varied backgrounds, we bring a thoughtful approach to the softer side of wealth management.  In fact, comprehensive wealth management entails much more than just simply dollars and cents.  It is informed by experiences with money, feelings about risk, family dynamics, and a host of other considerations that can only be understood through in-depth discussions with our clients.

Understanding these issues allows us to craft a tailored partnership with each client.

Why We Do What We Do

We work as financial advisors because, simply put, we love it!  We enjoy helping our clients, value getting to know them and their unique goals and aspirations, and, most importantly, appreciate the trust placed in us to assist in managing our clients' financial well-being.

How We Get Paid

We are fee-only advisors. Our fees are based on a percentage of the market value of assets managed.  We do not sell any investment products nor do we receive sales commissions or referral fees.

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