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Working With Us

When do you need a wealth advisor?

From our experience, you can safely manage your personal financial well being if you possess the following three things:

  • Interest in doing it

  • Knowledge of how to do it

  • Time to commit to doing it


If you have all three of these, you're probably in good shape.  If not, consider giving us a ring.


Why Setarcos

We believe that we bring a combination of three qualities to our clients that is hard to find elsewhere

  1. We're comprehensive.  Our varied experience enables us to engage with you from a variety of angles including financial analysis, tax, accounting, actuarial and capital markets.

  2. We're thorough and enjoy getting into the details. In addition to providing holistic financial planning and portfolio management services, we help clients with their unique needs from analyzing annuity and insurance holdings to modeling new investment opportunities.  And we love doing it.  

  3. Lastly, we enjoy building relationships with our clients and commit to being there every step of the way.  We're not a 'Dial 3 for a financial advisor' firm.


How do we summarize all of this? 

A financial advisor friend of ours once said it best about us: "You guys are geeks, but you're geeks with heart!"

What is it like working with us?

We serve a diverse set of individuals and families throughout the US. Every client is unique and we tailor our services to their individual needs.


Our goal is to set the course for your financial success and to do as much of the heavy lifting as possible along the way so you can focus on other aspects of your life. Initially, we ask our clients to provide us their inputs—goals, financial information, risk tolerances, preferences, etc. With these inputs, we developed your customized financial plan and portfolio strategy as well as serve as your steward along the way. Occasionally our client needs to act and we are there to make sure they are well-informed and proactive.

We enjoy our work and bring that enthusiasm to you.

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