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Our Services

Our wealth management service consists of the following:

  • Investment Management

  • Financial planning

  • Value-added services and analysis

Investment Management

You work hard, and you've saved. Those savings represent your effort, discipline and commitment to securing your future. But what investments do you choose? How do you choose the most appropriate strategy? Should you invest defensively or be aggressive? What is risk anyway and how much risk is right for you?

The answers to these questions are unique for all of us and depend on a multitude of factors including your long-term goals, tax sensitivities and how you think about risk. Fortunately, the answers are within your grasp. We partner with our clients to address these factors and chart a portfolio strategy built for your needs.

Our investment management services include:

  • Concentrated stock strategy and management

  • Investment risk-tolerance assessment

  • Asset allocation development, portfolio selection and implementation

  • Tax-efficient management

  • Use of low cost index strategies

Finally, we provide unlimited review and discussion time.  If you have a question, an investment idea or just want to discuss markets, we're always available.

Financial Planning​ *


What happens tomorrow? Next year? What about twenty years from now? While we don't know exactly what's in store for us in the future, we do know where we are today and what our vision is for a secure future. That knowledge, of what we have currently, and the opportunities we want in the future, allows us to plan.

Our partnership through the financial planning process is designed to achieve the following three objectives:

  • Empower your vision of the future by capturing their goals in a clearly articulated way

  • Embrace your opportunities by identifying any shortfalls, obstacles or inefficiencies in their current plan

  • Engage your future through a well-managed financial plan

The financial planning process entails the following six steps:

  1. We meet with you to get to know you.  This includes (but is not limited to) developing a comprehensive understanding of your current financial position, establishing your short and long term wealth goals and retirement income needs, and building an understanding of your views and feelings around risk and uncertainty.

  2. We gather the information we need to build your financial plan.

  3. We build your financial plan.

  4. We present to you the results and make any changes required to establish the plan best suited to you.

  5. We implement your plan.

  6. We manage your plan.

A comprehensive financial plan also includes a variety of other features, including a well-designed estate plan, a sensible insurance program and tax planning.  We review those elements of every plan, advise on sound structure and provide referrals to estate planning attorneys, insurance placement firms and tax advisors as appropriate. 

Importantly, financial planning is an ongoing process.  All plans change, and we manage and monitor your plan to maintain its suitability to your evolving needs. 


Value-Added Services and Analysis *

Do you own an annuity or permanent life insurance policy with unknown benefits and costs?  Are you considering an alternative investment opportunity such as a rental property or a new business?  Are you interested in investment approaches such as Socially Responsible Investing or strategies to handle concentrated stock positions?


These are just several of the many questions we address for our clients through our comprehensive services. Our broad background and experiences enable us to assess the various types of questions that impact your financial well-beingWhatever the question is, we will educate and help you make an informed, thoughtful decision that fits in with your financial plan and objectives.

* Financial planning and value-added services and analysis are not offered on a stand-alone basis.  These services are only available to investment management clients.  We do not charge a fee for these services.

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